Adirondack Slide 08

Each piece from The Adirondack Slide Collection features one individual negative taken in the Adirondacks by our designer Madeline Tolle. Each negative is truly one of a kind, and is made into a wearable work of art with a unique necklace finishing. When worn against the body, the pendant will appear to be brass with a black center, but when held against the light, the image reveals itself. No two pieces are alike. Please review measurements below to ensure a fit to your liking.

  • Handcut brass pendant measures 2"x2"
  • Tassel measures 2"
  • Antique brass chain measures 18" with antique brass clasp

*Please handle your piece with care. Avoid touching the negative with your fingers, as that will leave oils and degrade the negative. It is  also recommended to wear over shirts and dresses, so that the negative does not touch bare skin*