While our jewelry is not FRAGILE, it is DELICATE... and requires care.

Here are a few tips for care:
  • All of our brass, whether oxidized or raw, is waxed prior to shipment. This should help maintain the color for initial wear. As brass wears, it's exposure to oxygen, finger prints, and oils will affect the color the jewelry slightly. While we consider it to be part of the life of the jewelry to change color, if you would like to maintain the initial color, you can use a soft t shirt and clear crystalline wax to brighten up brass. Please limit handling and make sure your hands are clean before touching to minimize color change.
  • Chain is by nature delicate. It can only take so much tugging. Please avoid wearing chains around small children that may grab and pull chains.
  • Tassles (if tangled) can be finger combed to return to their original shape. Make sure to do so gently as to not pull the tassle apart on accident.
  • Avoid exposing your jewelry to moisture. Even water can be harmful to the textiles, and other liquids may cause staining.
  • Our woven pieces are made using traditional weaving techniques. There are very few knots, but each piece is tested to ensure that they will not unravel. The best rule for maintaining your woven jewelry is simply to avoid touching it. You don't want the natural oils from your fingers will damage the fiber content or to pull out any fringes. 
  • Please store all pieces flat or hanging, away from other pieces of jewelry. If the textile components of the jewelry gets tangled with other jewelry, it can end up snagged and tangled which may damage it's appearance.
In the event that your jewelry requires repair, or you have any further questions, please contact us at