The Chisos Collection

Getting to Big Bend is simple. You take the road until it ends. That road is a long, long road. On 
the border, where Mexico kisses Texas along the Rio Grande, Big Bend just isn’t near anything. But that’s just one of the reason it’s such special a special place. It takes so long to get there, that quite simply, there just aren’t that many people that make it.

 The seemingly flat plains start to mold into rolling hills of brush and grass. Then, within a blink of an eye it becomes sweeping desert in between climbing mountainous plateaus.
The road narrows and the whole world seems to open up.  Then, it gets quiet. Really quiet. Looking out, it feels as though you can see forever. The landscape seems so vast and barren, like how one might imagined the surface of the moon to be.

The Chisos Collection is inspired by the richness in color that is only to be seen to be believed. The sky, in it’s perfect cloudless blue, with bright white rays of sun, as it crashes into the hills of purple and ochre. The surrounding earth is sprinkled with cacti and yucca plants in varied muted greens. With the air so still and quiet, it almost feels as though you can sense the colors deep with in you. It’s the sublime contrasts within the nature of Big Bend that really makes it such a unique place.

With a subtle desert color palette and attention to horizontal lines, it's the intention of The Chisos Collection, that with each wear, it transports you to Big Bend and the wild desert of West Texas.