The Caledonia Collection

The Caledonia Collection grew out of the changing seasons in the Pennsylvania wild. As summer fades into fall, the forest comes alight with oranges, yellows, and reds, throughout the sublime Appalachian Mountains; beginning the process of death and rebirth. The cycle of the seasons. In just the few short weeks of October, the whole horizon morphs from crisp blue skies over varied shades of green, to a landscape of fiery foliage.

Despite being within hours of home, and the routine of the everyday, disappearing into the Pennsylvania wild in Autumn, even for just a day, can feel as though you’ve stepped into another world, in colors seemingly imaginable.

Each piece from the Caledonia Collection attempts to capture that transcendent world, where the death of summer comes with the beauty of the fiery fall. So dramatic, yet so close to home.
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