{Inspiration} Canang Sari

Posted on January 18, 2015 by Madeline Tolle | 0 Comments

If you find yourself in Bali, the inspiration source for the Lusa Collection, you will find yourself walking down the sidewalk and see offerings along the sidewalk, in every doorway, and stacked in front of temples and monuments. The small offerings, Canang Sari, are laid out daily each morning and night in praise and prayer for the peace given in to the world by the Hindu gods.
These offerings became one of my favorite things I saw in Bali. I loved how they were everywhere, filled with different colored flowers, and smelling of incense. I designed the Minggu Pendant and Nusa Pendant after being inspired by the small, but vibrant Canang Sari. They're meant to be worn daily, alone, or layered with another necklace in reminder of all the peace and beauty in the world.
Photos by Madeline Tolle

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