Between The Ferns and The Redwoods

Posted on May 05, 2014 by Madeline Tolle | 0 Comments

Photos by Brian Wetzel
When you wear pieces with a story, the story stays with you always.
Whether watching Netflix in your apartment, celebrating friends with good cocktails, or chasing taxis through Manhattan the intention of each and every piece of Geography 541 is that you're always reminded of the adventures had.
So whether it's the Fern Necklace with jeans and a t shirt, the Monterey Necklace with a sundress, the Joaquin Pendant with a power suit, the Esselen Earrings with your leather jacket, or the Alta Armband and Piedras Bracelet with a Summer tank top, let each piece take you back to an afternoon spent creekside in the Redwoods. With rustling water, variations of green, and the glow of yellow sun trickling through the leaves.

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