Harbor Seals

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In addition to century old trees and coastal plants, Big Sur is bursting with critters as well. It was just our luck that we happened to visit smack dab in the middle of the Harbor Seal mating season. All along the coast, coves of beach were littered with seals and their pups. They'd lay there for dead, then wiggle, maybe sing a little, then go swimming in the crystal clear waters. Below are just a few cool facts we learned about Harbor Seals:

  • Female Seals bear a single pup each year. They leave the pup after a month without teaching the pup how to hunt. They learn on their own.
  • Pups are born between April and May. They weigh about 20-24 pounds and can swim immediately.
  • They reach 5-6 ft. in height and can weigh up to 300 pounds.
  • Harbor Seals live in small groups but can be in groups as large as 500 seals.
  • The Pups are very vocal with their moms and make a sound that sounds like "MAAAAA"

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