Posted on November 10, 2016 by Madeline Tolle

I woke up to the results of the election yesterday, and like a majority of Americans, I was heartbroken. I openly wept as I scrolled through news site after news site certain that I would find an error. The reporters must have been wrong. But they weren’t. Because of our electoral system, our country had elected a tyrant. A man so vile and full of evil that to begin to list all of his transgressions against his fellow Americans would take this entire essay.


While I refuse to write or say his name, ultimately, this is not about him. This is about us. As Americans, our constitution grants us the rights to build our own America. We can have free thoughts, free speech, and assemblies to share those thoughts. While our government is suggesting that we live in a country full of hatred and racism, I reject that with every fiber of my being. I decided yesterday, that though I have but one small voice, I will do my part to defend the America I love.


I started thinking. What could I do? I’m a twenty-something in the fashion industry who can barely stay afloat. Seriously, what can I do.


But then it dawned on me… I have time and energy. I can give the best of me. What is the best of me? Well, it’s what I can do with my hands. So I have decided that for the next 10 days, until November 20th,  I will be donating 100% of ALL sales made on my website, www.geography541.com, to Earth Justice.


Earth Justice is an organization that holds those who break environmental laws accountable for their actions. They are the first and largest non-profit environmental law organization. As the new President has promised to dismantle the EPA and foster energy programs rooted in fossil fuels, our environment is in grave danger. Earth Justice needs all the support and help the can get to continue to defend our land and natural resources.


I struggled to pick a cause, it seems that everyone is at risk with the impending President, but I decided that because so much of my inspiration and driving creative force is rooted in the beauty of our planet, that it was the best fit for Geography 541 to fight for the environment. Following the “donation sale,” I will be donating 10% of all proceeds from sales to Earth Justice and other organizations that firmly stand for protecting the environment for the NEXT 4 YEARS.


While this is just a small act, it’s what I can do. I encourage everyone to do what they can, no matter how small. And also to start your holiday shopping early, because I couldn’t be more excited to do what I can and stand up for what I believe in.

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